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Focused Daily Action on your Coaching Business for 60 Days

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What is possible if you were to focus on your coaching business for 60 days straight?

Join us for 60 Day Coaching Business Builder Accelerator.

Since 2017 I’ve been inspired to see the action and steps people have taken as we’ve taken an annual look at developing their coaching businesses through the Coaching Biz Growth Lab. As an author and coach I've seen that there's something unique about strategic focus and short windows. Hence, 8.5 weeks (60 days) of focus for you to explore your business in the supportive environment of a hybrid program of on-demand learning PLUS 1-1 and group coaching.

As of April 2020 you have two options in taking this program:

Totally ON-DEMAND at a budget friendly pricing;

With additional 1-1 coaching support from Jennifer Britton or her team of CBB coaches.

This program will provide you with a range of supports over the 60 days of the program:

  • 60 Days of on-demand content and activities around business development. Many of these are grounded in materials from the Coaching Business Builder Workbook and Planner.
  • Daily on-demand videos which come to you each day of the 60 days. Videos are approximately 5 minutes each and the activities only 15 minutes. The 60 focus areas are geared to get you into consistent action around your business, building up momentum and new habits
  • Two live calls a week on zoom: One on Monday and One on Friday. Monday is a morning call time. Friday in the afternoon. Monday’s call is focused on accountability and what you want to get done, Friday’s check in is about what you got done. Can't make the call? No worries they are recorded and posted. You will have access to group calls for a 6 month period.
  • Access to daily on-demand set of materials where you will go through that week’s content related to the themes listed below. The content comes to you one tip at a time so you can incorporate it before moving forward;
  • Private Social Community for group members in my private Mighty Network to keep the conversation going;
  • Access to templates you can use in your business right away. These range from Planning Tools to Questionnaires.

You also have the option of adding on a 15 minute 1-1 call weekly for the 9 weeks of the program with Jennifer or her set of CBB coaches.

Here’s what's covered in the program:

Week 1 – Coaching Business Foundations and Measurement

Week 2 – Your Internal Ecosystem and Strengths

Week 3 – Who you serve – Your Clients and Your Offer

Week 4 – Brand and Messaging

Week 5 – Product and Program Design

Week 6 – Marketing and Promotion

Week 7 – Scale it Accelerate and Magnify

Week 8 – Focus and Momentum

Week 9 – Next Steps+ Celebration


What's possible if you take 60 days of focused action around your business? This program is a deep dive into your business foundations. Both new and experienced coaches will benefit from this program.

  • Group and Individual Coaching Support
  • Real-time learning on your own pace
  • Momentum Generated by consistent action
  • Learning resources available during the calls and in-between the calls

Who is ideally suited for this program:

  • Someone who is ready to take consistent action over a 60 day period on growing their COACHING Business - this program is specifically focused for coaches who work with individual, group or team coaching clients;
  • Those starting out as a business;
  • Those wanting to return to the fundamentals of business;
  • Someone who is looking for group support in addition to 1-1 support.

This program does not imply any specific results. Coaches will individually set their own goals for the program. 1-1 coaching, group coaching and peer work, along with reading materials will be supports you can leverage during the program.

What are you looking to create in your business?

Ready to get started? Join us by reserving your spot! Join us or the on-demand version where a new tip comes to you every day for the 60 days, or one that is supported by some individual coaching every week.

The two options (On-demand only or with 1-1 support) and DISCOUNTED pricing introduced in April 2020 to enable more coaches to benefit from this program.

Your Instructor

Jennifer Britton
Jennifer Britton

Well known for her practical and applicable approaches with learning, Jennifer Britton is based in the Toronto, Canada are . She is the author of five books including PlanDoTrack Workbook and Planner (2019) and the Coaching Business Builder (2018). Both books are geared to helping service based and virtual professionals grow their work and impact!

She is also the author of the world's first book on Group Coaching, published almost 10 years ago - Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010) and From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (Jossey-Bass, 2013). For the last two and a half decades Jennifer has taught, coached, and trained professionals all over the globe. Involved in formal and informal education since the late 1980s, Jennifer has taught tens of thousands of hours at post-secondary institutions, through online programs, workshops, retreats and in classroom based training. She's led Train-the-trainer workshops, virtual facilitation training, and coach-the-coach sessions for more than 15 years.

In 2004 Jennifer founded Potentials Realized, a Canadian-based performance improvement company dedicated to supporting leaders, teams and organizations with leadership, teamwork, and performance issues.

Leadership and teamwork, especially in the remote space, are two topics Jennifer is passionate about. During the first thirteen years of her career Jennifer worked with the United Nations, and other international organizations as a Program Director and Program Manager. By the age of 26 she was leading and directing programs involving hundreds of staff and volunteers, and dozens of communities, demonstrating the real power of collaboration and teamwork. This focus on exceptional team leadership, collaboration and capacity building continues today in her training, educational programs, coaching and consulting work.

Her work today is varied including coaching teams, as well as working with new and experienced leaders including virtual team leaders. Jenn also works with solopreneurs, particularly those in the coaching and training industries, who want to create exceptional programs for their own clients. Building onto several years of teaching business studies as the post-secondary level, her work with business owners is grounded in support of creating a powerful vision, honing their leadership foundations, and creating a business that works for their needs and lifestyle.

An avid writer, Jenn leads the Teams365 blog for team leaders, and the Group Coaching Ins and Outs blog for coaches.

This portal, the Learning Lab and Design Studio, houses the many video based programs Jennifer has developed since 2018, as well as the long-term live community groups she hosts on Fridays. An avid practitioner herself, Jenn continues to deliver in person and virtual programs for leaders and their teams, as well as for service based professionals (coaches, consultants and trainers). Jennifer also offers International Coach Federation approved Continuing Coach Education programs through Potentials Realized - The Group Coaching Essentials(TM) Teleseminar (8.75 CCEs), and the Advanced Group and Team Coaching Practicum (10 CCEs), Virtual Facilitation Essentials (8.5 CCEs) and the PlanDoTrack Facilitator Training Program (24 CCEs).

Jenn holds a Masters in Environmental Studies, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She is also a Professional Certified Coach, and a Certified Performance Technologist. You can visit her online at Potentials Realized or at the links below.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This program runs for 60 days. The program starts when you start! You receive a module a day and new cohorts start on the 1st of every month. There are live calls on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons which get you planning for the week, and wrapping up on your accomplishments. You have access to live Monday and Friday calls for 6 months.
I have other questions
Be sure to download a more comprehensive FAQ about the program at https://www.coachingbusinessbuilder.com/60dayaccelerator.html
Do I need a copy of the Coaching Business Builder?
You are encouraged to pick up a copy of the workbook planner prior to starting the program. This will be a personal copy you can use in your own planning, and review of specific exercises. It is now available for purchase and immediate download at our Potentials Realized store at https://bitly.com/digitaljb. You can print it off at your own office.
Are there any live calls?
During the first 3 months of 2020 Jennifer hosted Monday and Friday planning calls. You have access to these 15-20 minute weekly planning sessions to start and end your week. Bring a pen and your journal or notebook, along with your calendar when you schedule your Mondays and Fridays calls. You are also invited to attend Jennifer's Community Calls live which are held on Mondays throughout the month. You can add on weekly 1-1 laser calls at an additional package. That's an opportunity to focus in on your questions and goals.
What's the difference between on-demand and with 1-1 coaching
The on-demand program comes to you with a daily module which includes a short video from Jennifer, a one-page reading, and work activity. Participants receive one tip a day. You also will have access to the 14 weeks of Monday and Friday pre-recorded planning sessions with Jennifer. For those that want a deeper dive and hands on coaching - add on a coaching package with Jennifer and/or her team of CBB coaches.

I do hope that you decide to join us for this action packed, resource-rich learning adventure starting on JAnuary 1st. Grab a friend as there is a discounted rate when you sign up offline together. Reach out to me, Jennifer at [email protected] with any questions you have.

Get started now!